Family First, I have no words

I really do have no words for their latest shit.

Every time I see something from them, I get the feeling that they’re some kind of elaborate Poe, but they certainly aren’t.

Their latest shit makes me absolutely fume:


Posted by Bob on Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rugby is a game played by most boys in New Zealand in their childhood, though some don’t want to play it at all. A significant section of the community have always preferred to play a different sport, like soccer.

But Rugby gets all the status in New Zealand, commanding all the respect. So much so that those who play soccer are often made to feel like second-class citizens. They lack the mana of those who play the nation’s revered game. Reliable studies show that this has statistically led to a higher degree of depression among soccer playing boys, and already our rate of male youth suicide is far too high.

To end this discrimination we have decided to redefine Rugby to include any sport involving two teams with a ball. As long as you love your team-ball sport you are a rugby player and should be recognised as such in law.

[Emphasis mine]

Bob, when you have to field some kind of shit EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY OF YOUR LIFE telling you that you’re inferior, or shouldn’t be around children, or that your rights aren’t important as other things, or that your ability to have your relationships given the same legitimacy as others’ should be up to popular vote, or that you’re dirty, or sick, or disgusting for your inborn nature, maybe then you can go around making pathetic bullshit analogies about being a second class citizen, but until then, SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO BACK TO YOUR 1950’s FANTASY WORLD!

And for you to joke about youth suicide, and the suicide of our queer* youth? I’m afraid the English language is at a loss for strong enough expletives.

Oh sure, after people showed their contempt for you, you edited your little blog to remove the offending paragraph:

I’ll let QoT handle this one:

Look, the reference is only inappropriate, and only because of the statistics release – not because our actual suicide statistics are actually horrific.  Also, obviously, they only apologise for any offence [it] may have caused – because quite obviously they’ve only stuck this fauxpology up randomly, and not because they’ve received any actual backlash or anything.

And Family First, clearly, just loves posting poorly-written shit sent to them anonymously.  Their only real crime was “not vetting it properly”, where “vetting” is an archaic term for “reading”.

I’ve seen enough queer* people kill themselves; all I’ll say is they’ll have to do better than that.

Back to their shitty article:

This isn’t about whether you prefer soccer or rugby. It is a fundamental matter of justice and equality. Why should those soccer players who play every week with a ball against another team not have the equal opportunity and right to be recognised in the street as rugby players? Why are they denied the title and privileges on the grounds that they play differently? Shouldn’t all boys in New Zealand have the same rights regardless of their sporting preference? Why discriminate against boys for the way they choose to play their ball-sport?

I’ll let the ridiculousness of their argument stand for itself — I sincerely don’t believe I need to do anything more than just hold it up to the light. But I will like to look a little more closely at that last sentence up there: Why discriminate against boys for the way they choose to play their ball-sport?

This reveals all I need to know about their beliefs and their stance. They still believe that sexuality is a choice, and that choice is a bad one. If only we’d just choose to be straight, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Well, fuck you Bob McCoskrie, and fuck Family First.

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